Life’s Garden: A 45 minute production centering on how Jesus can make a difference in people’s lives based in Bud and Rose’s flower shop. Music, wise counsel, and a special ending highlight this special program.

Faith and Fun Circus: A full hour program teaching the importance of a close relationship with Jesus. Join the “performers” in a rehearsal of their acts and in conversation with the ringmaster whose wise Godly counsel helps the strong man, the clowns, the wild animal trainer and more deal with daily problems.

Variety Shows: The Puppet and Drama team can tailor the variety shows for VBS programs, church socials and home comings and community festivals.

Glory to His Name: This is a 30 minute program that follows two archangels as they learn what it means to follow Jesus. Geared more toward children’s programs, we are available for children’s church, vbs programs and back to school festivals.

Good News in Merryville: Follow our ace reporter as she discovers why the news in Merryville has taken a sudden turn for the better. What could be the cause of the drop in crime? Why are so many of the folks there willing to help out their neighbors? This 45 minute production shows how the good news of Jesus Christ can impact an entire community.